Congratulations to Forked River Brewing in London, ON for slaying the bureaucratic dragon and securing authorization from provincial and federal regulators to open their new retail store!!

This is a huge victory for not only Forked River but for all Ontario craft brewers!

Drop by their store at 4-45 Pacific Court this Saturday, Oct 31 between 11-4 to attend the grand opening and show your support. ...
See you there!

~ Uncle Beer

Schlappeseppel and Faust...two historic beers of Germany.

After my work meetings (for my day job), I checked-out some local beer, in the land that has been perfecting beer for literally centuries...a few more years than our local breweries, eh?

Thanks to my colleague Christoph, for using a few hours on his Saturday to show me around the town of Aschaffenburg. We visited the local 1600's castle, or schloss, called Schloss Johannisburg. The schloss also houses some interesting brewery equipment in what is now a museum dedicated to beer brewing in the region.

Across from the main gates of the castle, is the Brauerei Schlappeseppel, where beer of the same name was brewed and served for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, after some politics and disputes, the beer is no longer available at the very location that hoists it's name. The result was deemed a tragedy by the people of the area - who also took to Facebook to express their outrage. Another local beer has taken it's place, called Faust.  The Brauerei Schlappeseppel, still fills the building regularly. (it was full when I was there too). The Faust beer was good - very smooth and drinkable - but I'm told it was/is nothing compared to the Schlappeseppel brew.

Earlier in my trip I enjoyed some Schweinshaxe (pork leg) at the Brauhaus Barbarossa in Shollkrippen Germany. A traditional brew house that makes it's own beer in the back room and runs the lines right to the taps at the bar.  Frank the brewmeister, although rushed, accommodated a quick tour of his brewery. We had a nice pilsner that night and I also purchased some unique products - malt schnapps and beer whiskey. I haven't tried them yet, but can't wait! I'll let you know how they taste!

I also managed to pick-up another roller derby shirt, thanks to "Schlippche Killer" from the Bembel Town Rollergirls, for meeting me in downtown Frankfurt to sell me a shirt. One more for the collection!  Check out their webpage when you get time.


~ Tim

On my bi-weekly beer-run (okay weekly), I often see someone thoughtfully scanning the LCBO beer shelves. Assuming they’re not having difficulty navigating the macro brews, I often ask these strangers if they need some help finding a certain type of craft beer. 

So far, 100% of the people that I’ve disturbed have been receptive to my assistance.  Could be the brewery baseball hats and t-shirts I wear, give some indication that I may know what I’m talking about. Hard to say.

People provide a variety of responses: “It’s a beer I tried a while back, had a brown paper label on it, I think.”…or…“ I want a nice hoppy beer, but not too hoppy.” Believe it or not, these responses are good enough to start the search.  The first case ended-up being a Beau’s product that the gentleman was looking-for.  The second example took us down a few more rabbit-holes, but I think I sent the person home with a good - or at least experimental – selection.  People I've encountered are usually looking for a specific brand that a friend has recommended, or one they tried once and loved, or that they came across on-line.

Figuratively speaking…

As the experience with micro-brew products grows, the joy of the exploration tends to overflow the glass (as it were) and I speculate others who’ve grown to appreciate the art may feel the same. Enthusiasts like us want to reach-out to those around because we’re happy others are joining the hunt!

The moral of the above is…thank you meandering shoppers!...for letting myself and Uncle Beer interrupt your day for a few minutes. We’re not experts, but we love to share our beer experiences with you. We can’t help ourselves!...and soon you may understand why.

Welcome to Brewvy.