Craft beer enthusiast spirits that is - following the announcement that beer will be sold in select Ontario grocery stores.

Convenience is really the only element that improves for you and I. We will be able to get our single bottles and 6 packs if & when we're shopping at these select grocery stores..

What you shouldn't anticipate improving is the selection of craft beer. With this new program, retailers are forced to buy from the LCBO as the sole supplier.  This means that the craft brands and varieties you see at the LCBO will also be the same ones offered at the grocery stores (essentially).

For the craft enthusiast, you want to try new beers as often as possible. Many craft brewers in Ontario today, are not even selling their products through the LCBO and those who are, only list a small portion of their total beer portfolio - in both cases, these decisions are based around the costs to list with the LCBO/The Beer Store.

We are witness to some semi-progressive, but largely token, moves in the Ontario liquor and beer market lately. Citing other examples, such as The Beer Store ownership being open to Ontario brewers and the misleading 20% small-brewer shelf-space façade.

If you're like me/us, we don't need to have beer for sale on every corner. What would increase my spending is easier access to a wider and ever-changing selection of craft beer - under a program that is easy and fair to all brewers who wish to participate, regardless of their size or status.

Until such conditions exist, Brewvy will continue to visit the breweries to "quench our thirst" for the vast amount of high-quality local beer that Ontario is producing today...while the LCBO continues the struggle to pull it's boots out of the muck.

~ Tim

The price of beer and cost of hydro both went up this month.
So not only will it cost a little bit more to buy beer but it costs more to keep it cold too. 
It frustrates us here at Brewvy considering the LCBO continues to post record profits, with a good portion on the back of craft beer sales.

All the more reason to get that deposit back on your bottles!

~ Uncle Beer