Visiting a brewery is always a thrill for us, so seeing one in progress was really intriguing. Robin and Lee of Descendants Beer and Beverage Company have stayed in contact with us for several months.  After a couple rescheduled visits due to conflicts on both ends, I was finally able to get to the brewery-in-progress. 

Now, nothing is better for getting to know this family endeavour than the blog posts on the Descendants site - my post here doesn't even compare, so you should check out their site. However, Robin graciously accommodated my visit and took some time to walk though a bit of their journey with me.

Descendants is essentially making the leap from contract brewing elsewhere (Cool Brewing Co) to brewing in/on their own premises, complete with tap room/bar and event room. In addition, if all goes according to plan, they will have an outdoor patio area. For Robin and Lee, this project meant actually selecting a location and then building/renovating. Robin explained that the most important factors to them were: Sufficient parking, patio space, not far from the highway, big enough for events and a unique feel to the space - preferably not in an industrial complex. They certainly found these things with the 319 Victoria St. N., Kitchener, facility. One might argue though, that they are really adding the unique feel as they go, through their own creativity. No spoilers here - I even excluded some unique features from the pics, so you will have to visit the brewery after it opens in Spring 2016. However, even with only the drywall up, and many rough-ins still needing fixtures, I could already sense the warmth and openness of this brewery - high beer-hall ceilings, beautifully polished floors (under which lies the unique drain/piping systems ) and lots of natural light.

After a quick beer swap and leaving behind some German street food called curry wurst, I thanked Robin for his time and wished him the best of luck. They'll likely not need to lean on luck much though, as they already have a backlog of event bookings, before the doors are even open.

I highly recommend checking out Descendants Beer and Beverage Co., high-calibre beer along with high calibre people. Cheers!


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