Brewvy had the good fortune of receiving an invite to the Bloom Centre media event at Steam Whistle in Toronto, earlier this year.

Bloom Centre focusses on responsible sustainability. They brought media, breweries, and water industry representatives together to present their mission related to helping craft breweries manage their water use. Their approach includes responsible water use/re-use/conservation and opportunities for brewery operational efficiencies.

About 150 people were in attendance at the event, with beer from 3 other breweries available for sample, in addition to Steam Whistle's pilsner. As you can see from the pics below, everyone had a great time networking and making new friendships - all with a passion for the craft beer industry. I personally enjoyed meeting all I spoke with, including Jen And Sara from Magnotta and Brimstone breweries, as well as Sam from Sawdust and all the folks from the Bloom Centre. Not to mention John Hay, president of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association.

For more about Bloom Centre, check out this video, or click the Bloom Centre links in this post. Cheers. Tim


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